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Hiveworks Comics is a creator-owned comics and graphic novel publisher focused on free to read webcomics. We publish comics like SMBC, Stand Still Stay Silent, Sister Claire and Namesake.



Xellette is the founder and CEO of Hiveworks and an abstract economist. They handle business strategy, adops, and all the esoterica of R&D that are part of being an online publisher. Their favorite comics are ones with an eye towards directional storytelling. (they/she)


Isa is the lead editor and COO of Hiveworks. They take care of day to day administrative duties and book printing projects. Isa is also the co-author of the webcomics Namesake, Crow Time and Trinket. Their favorite comics are in black and white and include vampires if possible. (she/they)


Megan is a writer that found herself in Pennsylvania. She is co-author of Namesake and does book design and small print fulfillment for Hiveworks. She is a voracious bibliophile, loves twisting history and literature to suit her needs, and is an unashamed fangirl of many things. (she/her)


Growing up poor, Brad’s family would have to rent consoles rather than own them. In 1999, they were able to rent a Sega Dreamcast and a copy of Sonic Adventure, which unfortunately did not come with a VMU (Virtual Memory Unit) to save game progress. A 12-year-old Brad would have to play the game from the beginning every session until eventually, he was able to beat the entirety of the game with every character in a single sitting. Brad also does editorial for various comics on Hiveworks. (he/him)


Atla is an editor and general wizard at Hive. She also makes Gzhel Guardian, a webcomic hosted on this very platform! By day she handles duties related to the Icelandic Comics Society, as well as the various Anime Clubs for teens that she runs. (she/her)


Reimena is the flamingo-obsessed cryptid administrative coordinator and editor, most often hidden behind databases and schedules. She is an award-nominated creator of several webcomics and graphic novels, including The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya and Seance Tea Party. (she/they)


Ren does marketing and editorial for Hiveworks. She’s the one to call for social media, emails, and PR. Her comics include How Could You (2024), The Shepherd’s Sword, and the slice-of-life Autostraddle series Reine. Interests include lesbians, pulp, muscles, swords, camp, gender shenanigans, and werewolves. (she/her)


Gisele is a project assistant and editor at Hiveworks. They write and draw the webcomic Star Trip and can be found wandering around outside or sitting on some grass. They enjoy stargazing, reading, knitting, and baking bread. (they/them)


Misha is the resident color wizard who does comic flatting and social media assistance for Hiveworks. She creates the webcomic Alice and the Nightmare. Her favorite comics are food themed, fairy tales, cosmic horror, and anything unapologetically girly and glittery. (she/her)


Katie is the Prepress Knight. After studying under the tutelage of the Bug Master, she has proven she knows her way around an indesign file. Currently, she resides in the Pacific Northwest with her partner and cat. She soon hopes to have enough time and energy to start posting a webcomic about wrestlers in love. (she/her)


Kisai is the Systems Administer for Hiveworks, Pixietrix Comix, and Slipshine. Kisai spends any free time playing vintage PC/console games or FFXIV.


Kevin is a designer that helps our artists build and maintain their websites. His job is to make sure your website feels good: both to look at and to use. He loves helping people, so he often does technical support, research, and anything else that can make your life easier. His favorite emoji is a blue heart 💙. (he/him)


There are no positions available currently. When jobs become available, we’ll post information on our newsletter.