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Hiveworks Comics is a creator-owned comics and graphic novel publisher focused on free to read webcomics. We publish comics like SMBC, Stand Still Stay Silent, Sister Claire and Namesake.

Honey-flavored comics

With lead editorial by Isabelle Melancon, Hiveworks Originals are fully edited and produced comics from our editorial team and hand picked creators. Our original webcomics feature rich worlds and a focus on women’s voices and heroic stories.

Sleepless Domain
In the daytime, the city is perfectly safe. At night, a curfew is in place; families stay inside as the city streets fill with monsters. Only magical girls can combat these creatures with their innate or acquired gifts they discover and harness at their special school. Undine, a water themed magical girl, finds herself in the center of a tragedy that forces her to question the order of this dual world... and to perhaps break it.
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Urban Fantasy

Sally Kalloway is too smart for her own good. This is a story about her. Not just that, it's a story about the friends we have, both real and imaginary. It's also about Halloween. Not just the holiday, but the idea of Halloween that lives in our hearts. This is a story about all those things, about the fear and wonder they inspire, and the thin line between.
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Slice of Life

A lost princess named Tamaura survives a revolution by making a deal with the Spirits of the forest. Pledged to them for three hundred years, the princess is about to fulfill her pact when a young man finds her and decides for himself that she is meant to be saved, whether she likes it or not. His "rescue" pulls Tamaura out of her timeless sanctuary and into a world that advanced hundreds of years without her...where a civil war is brewing over the same magic that flows through her veins.
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